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We build high-scale publishing websites and tools.

We Are AaHa

Constant improvement allows us to grow: as a company and as people.
We are all equally responsible for the success of a project. Our culture is happy and helpful but we are always pushing each other to improve. Excuses like “It’s not my job” are never heard.

What We Do

Our tech stack is based on GoLang and NodeJS. We use Docker and Kubernetes to manage deploys across dozens of nodes. We keep a modern stack and use ElasticSearch, MongoDb, Redis, and Kafka as needed to handle thousands of incoming events per second.
What We Build Our tools manage work-flows of teams of 300 writers and editors. Our tech is trusted to manage $100,000’s in ad buys. We seamlessly manage the logic of 100’s of individual ad units. Our stack serves to 50,000 concurrent users without any fire. 35 million uniques a month? That’s nothing. We’ve done 50,000,000. Want to do a billion page views? Sure, why not.

How We Work

AaHa Inc builds websites and tools for a small network of top 100 digital publishers.
We have both on-site and semi-remote team of developers to build high-end websites that can handle all the needs of a top 100 web publisher from the tech stack to ad management. We guaranteed you visited our websites multiple times this year. With a global team from New York to Moldova to New Zealand, we have it covered.

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