I am Aaron

Founder of AaHa Inc. I manage teams that build some pretty cool stuff and still get my hands messy in code.

Our Story

Founded in 2004, AaHa Inc grew from a single freelancer to a team of over 20 people pushing toward one goal. Our team is a mix of full-time employees as well as dedicated freelancers so our team could grow in depth even as it grew larger. This has given us the ability to take on projects far larger than your average devs.

We don’t need our coworkers to sit one desk away at all times. Even between team members who do sit next to each other in our main offices or remotely, work is managed virtually and all important communication is written to ensure responsibility, accountability and accuracy.

A Quick Overview

The projects that we built include:

  • Top 50 highest traffic sites in the US (Quantcast)

  • Sites with 50k+ concurrent users (without fire!)

  • Projects that occasionally fail (occasionally spectacularly with tornadoes)

  • Websites for 3 of the top 50 companies in the world

  • Projects with teams ranging from 2 - 10 devs.

  • Our WordPress plugins and themes have been installed on over 1,000,000 websites

  • Dozens of crashed servers

  • Over 116 WP Plugins with our names on them

  • 27 plugins that other companies distribute and claim credit for

We care about the projects we do.

Our clients are the best because we choose them as carefully as we choose our coworkers. We don’t build a project and disappear, we build relationships that last years. Some of our teams earliest hires still work for AaHa, even when life moved them half way around the world.

We are not interested in one-off projects or small sites without a future. We work with mature businesses and well-funded startups with proven leads. We are lucky enough to be able to say no to the wrong kinds of projects. Our developers will work closely and in constant contact over the entire life of the project for as long as you need us.

Because of this, we don’t work on projects without budgets large enough to do the job right. We don’t spend the budget just to spend the budget, but we believe success comes from quality: quality people building quality projects.

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