Your Impact

  • Build scalable services using modern technology practices
  • Continue to improve our existing design patterns, technology standards, technical governance, and methodologies
  • Write code that minimizes the appearance of future foreseeable issues and maximizes the flexibility of the codebase
  • Improve on our critical applications

Essential skills and qualifications

  • Mastery in multiple programming languages and platforms
  • Track record of success in building successful projects
  • Ability to independently design and deliver features to solve business needs
  • Consistently think and act “ahead of the curve”
  • Ability to see the problems in advance when working through potential architectures at the design stage
  • Bringing your own ideas for improvements and being able to propose alternative solutions
  • Ability to break large features down into smaller incremental deliverables


Able to work without someone standing over your shoulder

Willing to learn new techniques and technologies

New situations happen

A good person

Useful Experience (Not required)

  • Experience in rapid development short release cycles
  • Evaluating employment candidates and the ongoing work of existing subordinates and mentees
  • Container Orchestration such as Kubernetes
  • Scalable databases such as ClickHouse, ElasticSearch, or Cassandra
  • Statistical literacy (e.g. knowing the tradeoffs of weighted average vs average)
  • Basic machine learning and data engineering
  • Setting up full end-to-end CI and development environments.
  • Frontend dev process
  • Serverless environments (e.g. Cloud Functions, etc)
  • Displaying data in an understandable way

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